YEHUDA GOLDBERGFebruary 04, 2020

So every week there is a new diet, or a new form of a diet.

From eating only meat to only plant based....what do you do?

Who do you trust, and what kind of diet should you try?

Are you doing the diet for your health or for other reasons?

I find a lot of people go for diets and don't follow through and end up gaining more weight than they lost!

Eating healthy is so important, that I often wonder why people don't start with that?  I watch body builders, people dieting for many reasons, yet they will buy their food at the grocery store.  

Look at it this way, what we put in our body is what the end result will be.  I am not saying you have to always buy one kind of meat...oh wait yes I am!

Think of it this way...if the food wasn't good for the animal...which resulted in the animal requiring antibiotics, then why would you put it in your body?

If you think eating a plant based diet works for you, I am not going to stop you, but don't eat processed vegan foods.  Same goes with people who do the Carnivore diet.  Why eat crappy low grade meats, just for the sake of eating meat? 

EAT HEALTHY! You have to eat clean in order to see results.  You have to eat healthy in order to change the way your body works for the better.  It's like going to the Doctor and asking for medicine for your illness and then not taking the medication.

Know where your food comes from and see the difference.

Don't eat processed foods, and enjoy life more.

Everything in moderation, and always eat a balanced diet which includes 100% grass fed organic meat raised without the use of hormones and antibiotics.

But most of all.....KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOD COMES FROM!!!

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