So the Coronavirus is in full gear now. 

I have been talking about it for weeks, but only now are people are stocking up on canned foods and toilet paper in case there is an apocalypse upon us.  

But why stock up on Canned goods, its not like the power across the country is suddenly going down that you chick peas and green beans to survive.

If you want to fill up on food, fill up your freezer with meats, chicken and fish.  You are going to at least eat the meat.  

How many times do you open the cupboard and realize you have chick peas and green beans in a can from a millenia ago...MANY I am sure.

So, why buy canned goods?  Beats me!

I think people are better off going to their local butcher and asking them to vacuum pack meats and store some extra in the freezer in case they can not get out for a few days.

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