These last couple of weeks have shown us how volatile our economy is.  

From the Coronavirus to the Blockades, we've seen a major part of our economy come to a standstill.  This past week, we saw the medical officer suggest people start stock piling food.

But let me pose this question.  What kind of food are people stockpiling?  Is it the same from from areas in the world affected by the virus, or are they stockpiling local produced foods.

If people want to really make a difference and want to change things, then stop relying on cheap mass produced products coming from areas of the world that have been proven time and time again to cut corners on our health and safety.  Do people think things will change once the Coronavirus is gone?  No!

Local farmers have more accountability.  Local businesses have more accountability.  We HAVE to make sure we supply the best possible product or we go out of business.

Supporting local business keeps our economy going.  It keeps money in the community.  Small business owners do more for the community and neighbourhood they are in, than big businesses.

When you look at the world around us, and how it is changing rapidly, I want you to consider supporting the small business in your area.  

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